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No successful business owner grows a business without failing — a lot.

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It takes a specific type of skill set to weather the inevitable ups and downs of growth with a certain amount of ease and grace (or teetering emotional balance at the very least!)

There isn’t a class or course in business school where a professor sits you down and says,

“Know this: if you want to grow a successful business, you have to control the voices in your head, master your emotional resilience, and overcome squirrels and other distractions that will take your focus away from the object…

Do You Have A Doing Addiction?

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My earliest memory of making a to-do list began when I was six years old. As I sit at my desk in my bedroom with my pencil in hand, I begin to write a list of everything that I need to do on a piece of lined loose-leaf paper.

The list goes something like this:

  • 7:30am wake up
  • 7:35am make my bed
  • 7:45am wash my face
  • 8:00am brush my teeth
  • 8:15am have breakfast

And that’s how it all started.

My obsession with making lists.

Perhaps I thought that making a list would help me remember all of the things that I had to do.

But looking at it through the lens…

5 Tips To Get Off The Hamster Wheel

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As a Business Growth Coach, I often hear from new clients that they feel like a “hamster spinning in a wheel” — their business being the wheel and them being the hamster stuck in it.

It’s a funny metaphor, but how true to reality it is for the majority of Entrepreneurs who run solo.

Some of us are super organized, clear, focused, detail-oriented, and manage our time well, but let’s face it, some of us just aren’t.

For those of you who aren’t — this article is for you. …

Tales from the trenches of a business owner trying to get clients through speaking.

I was given an opportunity to speak to a group of women entrepreneurs. My first — ever — presentation. I spent most of my life avoiding public speaking. Avoiding it like the plague. It was my greatest fear.

The average person ranks the fear of public speaking above death.

Yet, I knew I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone if I was going to make it as a business owner.

I knew the statistics were not optimistic, 50% of women entrepreneurs don’t make…

Refreshing insight for business owners struggling to propel or continue to drive your businesses forward.

You’ve been refining your craft for a while now, but your business-traction is stalled.

Your wheels are spinning with endless ideas, but none grab the pavement. Your enthusiastic pursuit of self-improvement and craft-refinement bring consistent personal fulfillment, but fail to create forward momentum toward your financial and leadership goals. It feels like you work 24/7, yet your cash flow is inconsistent and unpredictable. “Frustrated” is an understatement.

Over the past two enlightening decades, I’ve counseled and coached hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs like this…

Erika and her mom started a cleaning business, and like many entrepreneurs, they had an optimistic and excited outlook for the future. After a decade of working extremely hard, wearing all the hats and being exhausted and underpaid, they were almost ready to close their 6-figure business for good. Erika decided to get help, and engaged me to support her to take back control of her business.

Do you ever feel like your business is controlling you, rather than being in control of it?

With my help, we revisited Erika’s business plan and tweaked the things that were not working…

If your marketing plan isn’t working, there are four undeniable reasons for this (plus one bonus reason!)

Over the past 18+ yrs I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners and Entrepreneurs to help them focus on the right marketing and business development activities that generate results. The marketing plan for most service professionals I talk to typically falls into one of these three categories:

  • A Hope and a Prayer. Waiting and hoping that your phone rings, an email from a prospective client lands in your inbox, or a referral comes from your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.
  • Throwing Spaghetti at the…

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Brand positioning, more than any other factor, determines your ability to attract qualified buyers, maintain their interest and, ultimately, land them as customers.

If your positioning is out of alignment, you’re missing countless opportunities for both paying customers and automated sales.

This is why a marketing audit — which pivots from a business’s brand positioning (i.e., its “DNA”) — so plainly reveals the accord and discord in that organization’s business model, marketing plan and sales plan. This brand-centered marketing audit is the first step when I work with any new company.

If the fundamental brand positioning of a business can…

Michela Quilici, Business Navigator

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